I went to Vo2Max for approximately 5 years. I always enjoyed going. It is much easier to push yourself in a fun environment. Vo2 max is one of the most diverse gyms for the the classes they offer and I believe there is something for everyone there. Prices are good. Any fitness facility that does classes is going to have a larger overhead and cost more. However, the coaching you receive is well worth the price. To get the same quality of coaching I received on Olympic lifting would probably cost me at least 3 times as much going anywhere else. Although I no longer live in Grande Prairie, I still occasionally look at their website for workout ideas. I would highly recommend this gym.

I have been going to VO2 for ten years. Every time I walk in I feel at home. From the owners to the trainers and administrative staff, everyone is professional and welcoming.

The clientele are a cut above the rest. Anyone can walk up to another and have a full 30min conversation. Even if you don’t know the person. A quick introduction and you’ve basically made a new friend. Everyone is there for the same purpose, to improve in some capacity of their life, so it is an extremely motivating place. If you are away from the gym for a while and haven’t been seen, people take notice. VO2 goes out of their way to make you feel apart of the family, but they do so without it feeling fake. It is a genuine passion for health and community that the owners and trainers have exemplified and it shows through in their clientele.

I have been too many gyms and nothing compares to the level of cleanliness VO2 has. They clean the entire facility three times a day, at a minimum.

I have been lifting weights for many years. I have worked out in gyms all over Canada. But there is no gym that compares to vo2 max. From day one I was welcomed with open arms and treated as an equal. As someone with my ethnic background this is something that is not too common in todays world.

The staff are incredible, the coaches are the definition of professional. The community has help push me to become the best version of my self.

The facility it’s self is very clean and organized with a open floor plan that has very well thought out.

I highly recommend this facility to anyone and everyone!

Been training there for over 10 years, tons of knowledgeable staff, friendly and overall great environment for someone looking to take their fitness seriously. Every walk of life is welcomed and embraced no matter what level you start at. Truly one of a kind facility.