Personal Training

VO2 Max Individual

Personal and Semi-Personal Training

Personal Training will be the most effective option for a client to progress towards their specific goal. The coach you will have available to you first hand will direct you on everything needed. 

Details regarding your movement quality will be closely looked after, as well as specific exercise selection based on you as an individual. The coach will be able to direct you on all your questions regarding any lifestyle related manner that may be related to your specific progression. Personal Training is both viewed as a long-term commitment by the client towards their specific goals as well as a short term means to help a client get back on track towards another mode of fitness. The detailed instruction of form/ exercise execution will be unmatched in all other services and the efficiency and effectiveness of your time as a result will be much greater.

The relationship you will have with your coach is very often a rewarding one for both the coach and client involved as the intent toward the goal is the aspiration for both people involved. Clients who use this service have a wide range of goals, including body composition goals, endurance events, strength events, sport specific goals, and health and wellness aspirations. Price of this service will vary depending on the coach.

Baseline Assessment

The starting point for Personal training, buddy training, and online programming. The client will meet the trainer for initial lifestyle assessment, goal setting, body composition, movement, and fitness assessment. The intent of this assessment is to find out where the client currently sits relative to these variables and to decide on a starting point of action for the client. The client will experience much more consistent long-term results by completing this. Every individual is completely different and will require a different starting place for their endeavour in fitness. The only way to make an objective decision on this is through a thorough assessment. 

Baseline Assessment: $100 + gst

Individualized Consultation

A detailed assessment and report on an individual’s current capabilities and or needed direction. This assessment is suited for an individual who has been struggling long term with their journey in fitness and is looking to find out greater depth as to who they are, and what direction they should be heading. The result of the extreme depth that the assessment will go into will result in a long-term plan towards the individual’s goals that will get them back on track to make progress, with a new system of support put in place. The individual who signs up for this service may be an existing experienced member, or a current client working with a trainer. Clients who sign up for this service have typically not received answers from many other services in town and would like to cover all their bases from a broad objective overview 

Individualized Consultation: $200 + gst