16 Week Program

vo2max's 16 Week program

The 16 Week Program runs twice per year and is coached by Vo2max owners, Janine Shillington and Ernie Stewart. This program runs in January and again in September.

The 16 Week Program is 100% focused on not only improvement of physical appearance, but also long-term habits and education. The program was created as a way to help adults in Grande Prairie live healthier, utilizing fitness and nutrition to facilitate that.

You will lift a lot of weights in this program. You will also do a lot of cardio in this program. The program runs 6 days per week. 3 sessions per week are in a group setting, 3 per week are on the individual’s own time where they will follow the program design.

Nutrition, body compositions, weigh ins, full gym access and seminars are all included in this program.

This program is something that the staff and ownership take great pride in as we have all witnessed the astounding results for a multitude of individuals who have participated in this program.