Janine Shillington

HEAD OF Nutrition, Personal Trainer and owNer of VO2MAX HEALTH AND PERFORMANCE

Nutrition Assessment

We believe in order to provide the most success for a client, an individualized program should be prioritized. A nutrition assessment allows our coaches to meet and discuss with the client in-depth about their goals and needs so that we can recommend the best option suited for them.

With all details discussed, our coaches will formulate a nutrition program that is unique to the client’s lifestyle, goals, and needs.

This is an individualized program that allows the client to implement nutritional changes that fit their lifestyle. By doing so, creates the best opportunity for success.

Details covered in the NUTRITION ASSESSMENT:
  • Discussion and review of client’s intake form
  • Review client’s current nutrition and eating habits
  • Review client’s lifestyle and needs
  • Review client’s exercise and activity level
  • Goal Setting
  • Discussion and recommendation for the client’s nutrition program design
  • Calorie and macronutrient count
  • Meal plan template
  • Inbody body composition reading, photos, and measurements
  • Includes one follow up appointment to discuss, review food log, review progress, and make necessary changes if needed
PRICE: $200.00 + GST

Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition coaching provides an educational experience that will promote long-term results. Working closely with their coach, clients will have their progress monitored and the program will be adjusted as needed, specifically with the client in mind. With scheduled appointments and ongoing communication, a client is provided with a sense of accountability and is guided throughout their nutrition program. Once a nutrition client is assessed during the initial nutrition assessment, nutrition coaching may be recommended.

Details of Nutrition Coaching & Follow-up APPOINTMENTS:
  • A communication log with their coach which includes nutritional guidance, habit formation guidance, and general exercise recommendation (if needed)
  • Bi-weekly appointment reviewing process, questions, successes, challenges, feedback/review of clients food log and adjustments to the clients plan and caloric/macronutrient intake adjustments (if needed).
  • Resources that are appropriate to the client which can include: recipe and meal ideas, progressed habit tasks, nutrition tasks, etc.
  • Review of the chosen method of measurable data suitable for the client (body composition readings, scale weight, photos, measurements, performance, habit-behavior, etc)
PRICE: $140.00 + GST/month

Inbody – Body Composition Scan

The InBody 570 scan offers an advanced analysis of your body composition, including fat, muscle, and total body water. This 45-second scan provides you with a detailed summary of your body composition broken down by different areas with the ability to track progress over time.


Details of Nutrition Coaching & Follow-up APPOINTMENTS:
  • Schedule a 15-minute appointment for y our InBody scan.

  • Complete the scan and discuss the results with one of our on-site Nutrition Coaches

PRICE: $52.00 + GST

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